git – keeping a fork in sync

Commands to keep a fork in sync with the upstream repo

To keep it up to date with the original source repo (the one you forked it from):

git remote add <your local name for the upstream> <URL for the upstream repo>

To check you set the remote repo as the upstream for your fork:

git remote -v

To check which branch you are working on locally:

git status

Pull changes from the upstream branch:

git pull <your local name for the upstream> <local branch name>

If you accidentally specify the incorrect URL for the remote upstream you forked you can change it by doing the following (as seen when using git remote -v):

git remote set-url <your local name for the upstream> <correct URL for the upstream repo>

At this point you have pulled all changes from the remote upstream repo locally to your machine.  You then need to push these changes to your remote fork on github:

git push



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Quotes: We the willing

I found this recently, and after some googling it is apparently this is an edited version of a quote made by Mother Theresa, in this instance applied to the daily grind of IT workers.

“We, the unwilling, led by the unable, have been doing the unbelievable for so long, with so little, that now we attempt to do the impossible with nothing”.

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Quotes: Non uniformity

I saw this tweet a while back which pretty well sums up most IT operations in the industry in general and why it needs to change.


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