CCENT Study Review Day 7

Tonight I spent the last two hours taking the practice questions from the Cisco Learning Network website, the ICND1 Practice Questions (you need to register to get access I believe).  I scored around 70-80 percent for each module which I am happy with.  I did however recognise some of the questions from the Cisco Press books but not too many on the whole.  I am pretty confident going into the exam on Wednesday even though the last chance I will have to do some last minute study will be on Tuesday night, as I have to work late on an unrelated project tomorrow.

I also made some notes from the ICND1 blueprint, which I believe outline the areas I may not be 100% familiar with and I plan to use the time on Tuesday night to collate my own “cheat sheet” of info I will either regurgitate first thing once the exam starts or commit to memory for the exam.

For now another 30mins of subnetting practice should see me out for tonight.

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