Top Down Study Plan ICND2

Over the long weekend I made a decision to start studying again, I watched the Trainsignal ICND2 videos and spent some time practicing in my home lab.  I made a top down study plan to map out the areas from the blueprint I think are the core skills to focus on for the exam and this is what I came up with:


  • Develop speed and accuracy
  • VLSM Calculation, application and speed
  • Describe IPv6 Protocols, Dual Stack and IPv6 Tunneling


  • Configure Vlans and Trunks
  • Configure Router on a Stick
  • VTP/RSTP configuration and troubleshooting
  • Port Security/Unassigned Ports/Trunk Access
  • Interface Troubleshooting


  • Configure and troubleshoot OSPF and EIGRP


  • Filtering ACL’s
  • Configure/Troubleshoot allow/deny Telnet and SSH
  • Configure/Troubleshoot NAT from CLI
  • Acces-list (show command)

WAN Links

  • Troubleshoot and Configure both FR and PPP
  • VPN, describe benefits/role/impact/components

Before I took the CCENT I spend between 30-60mins a night subnetting by using, to build my speed back up I am going to start doing this again.  I spent most of the weekend watching the switching videos and brushing up on my VTP/Vlan/Trunking skills so I am feeling pretty good about that.

I had originally wanted to take the exam in April but this has well and truly passed.  I took the cisco press practice exam and got a 67% and I know if I am a bit more dedicated over the next few weeks there is no reason why I cant pass the real thing.

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