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Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNA Success

Just a quick post to say that I sat and passed my ICND2 exam on Saturday afternoon which means I now have my CCNA, and am I stoked or what! 🙂

I was quietly confident bit still a bit unsure the morning of the exam, during the long drive to the testing center I just kept reminding myself that if I could stay focused I would have a good chance.

I thought I would post the other half of the mind maps I made up while studying, I am not sure how much they helped me (because it was hard to condense the vast amount of info on to one page) but they might prove useful for someone else.  The zipped visio files are below:

Frame Relay IPv6
PPP Troubleshooting Routing Protocols

I started looking at the 642-813 Switch exam as my next goal but I was also thinking about the Certified Ethical Hacker.  I am not sure if it would be more beneficial to do the CCNP before looking at CEH, I do find security interesting however I think more routing and switching experience would probably be more beneficial both from a career perspective as well as for the CEH itself.

Food for thought! 🙂

Take Two

Tomorrow I have my second attempt at the ICND2 exam.  I feel much more confident this time around as (in my opinion) I have had a better preparation.  A lot of the material was familiar leading up to this second attempt, I just need to make sure I stay focused and really read the question thoroughly.

I have tried some practice exams but the results haven’t been stellar.  I am finding it hard to focus when I come home from work as there is a lot happening at the moment and I have a lot on my mind.

I am sitting the exam in Sydney which is just over an hours drive from my house, so I think if I can just really focus I have a good chance at passing.  I guess we will find out tomorrow afternoon!

Round 2

Ok, so in the past 2 months I got married, went on a honeymoon and came back to a hectic work schedule, one thing I haven’t done much of is study.

However in the last two weeks I have gotten back into a groove and I have been pouring through ICND2 third edition by Wendel Odom.

I’m feeling better about the knowledge the second time around and this book is very good.  I decided to put my notes into “mind maps” and it seems to be working out well.

I am about halfway through the text and I am aiming to have the exam done by the end of November, I will be spending the next week or two finishing off reading the book/labbing so I can book my next attempt…I’ll post another update when I have confirmed a date.

Just in case anyone is interested or wants to take a look here are the “mind maps” I have created so far, hopefully they will make sense and maybe even help solidify some concepts for others as well.  Beware they were created in Visio and are in that native format.


 VTP Troubleshooting VLSM
 STP Troubleshooting  General Troubleshooting LAN Switching
 ACL’s  Data Plane Troubleshooting (Layer 1&2)