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Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator

Been missing in action of late, with work and wedding plans I have found it hard to commit to any sort of structured study time or blogging.

I attended a week of Fortinet training at the end of January and found it kind of interesting.  While some of the training was quite good and there is some pretty cool stuff that the Fortigate’s can do, I found it was more of a do’s and don’ts for the Fortigate UTM devices.

One of the down sides was that this was the first time that they had run the training on virtual machines located in Singapore, rather than physical devices.  During the day they were bordering on unresponsive and I don’t think this was a latency issue, it was as if the guest VM’s had not been provisioned with enough resources which made it quite frustrating waiting for mouse clicks or characters to appear in the console window.

The training was for the FCNSA (201) and the FCNSP (301), I sat the FCNSA today and passed with a 71% which I was pleased with.  I didn’t find the exam to difficult and I did minimal study for it, I have worked on the Fortigate platform for around 12 months, just the basics, but that’s what the FCNSA covers and I found a lot of the exam was common sense.

While I think the training was worthwhile, I don’t think I can see the value in studying and sitting for the FCNSP (301).  From a technical point of view I was a bit disappointed as I found I had been comparing it to the CISCO curriculum which in itself is not a good indication since I find the CCNA teaches the networking basics, albeit on cisco kit, while this training was all about how to drive the fortigate product.

We are deploying two 621B’s as our edge devices in HA to advertise our BGP as well as route for our core network with hub and spoke IPSEC VPN’s, antivirus, IPS etc  so we wanted to get a grounding in the technology and make sure that our design goals as well as the feature sets we both on par, which they seem to be.

As for the study, I am going to map out my plan of attack for the ICND2, as I have set the beginning of April as the last date to get my CCNA.

For anyone who is interested in what is involved in both the Fortigate 201 and 301 links are below: