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CSR 1000v Management Interface

I recently forgot how to configure the management interface on the CSR 1000v VMs I have setup in my home lab.  Rather than digging around the internet next time I need this info I wrote a short post to document it here.

For the CSR 1000v the management interface is in its own vrf, the Mgmt-intf vrf. Basically to set a management IP and get access to the box once the ova is deployed you need to do the following from the vmware console:

Configure the management IP address on the g0 interface:

ip int br

Add the vrf forwarding Mgmt-intf command to the g0 interface:

Add a default route to the Mgmt-intf vrf: ip route vrf Mgmt-intf [next hop ip]

sh run vrf Mgmt-intf

The you can test connectivity back to your default gateway/next hop IP, by issuing a ping from the vrf: ping vrf Mgmt-intf [next hop ip]

ping vrf Mgmt-intf