Quotes: We the willing

I found this recently, and after some googling it is apparently this is an edited version of a quote made by Mother Theresa, in this instance applied to the daily grind of IT workers.

“We, the unwilling, led by the unable, have been doing the unbelievable for so long, with so little, that now we attempt to do the impossible with nothing”.

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Quotes: Non uniformity

I saw this tweet a while back which pretty well sums up most IT operations in the industry in general and why it needs to change.


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I saw a tweet from Jeremy stretch (@packetlife) the other day about showing the ping statistics in linux without stopping the ping command which I had never seen used before (I obviously should have RTFM :P).  After which @jmhuwe and @synteki chimed in with the windows and OSX equivalents as per the below, thanks!

Linux – CTRL + \

Windows – CTRL + Break

OSX – Control + t


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