Home Lab Setup and Slacking

I have been somewhat slack over the Christmas break and did not get straight into study for my ICND2.  The only thing I have really done with Cisco is the site to site vpn configuration of which I attempted to document the process in this article.  I will be doing a week of study from the 16th of January with two of my collegues on the Fortigate platform, specifically the Fortinet 201 and 301 certification courses (Fortigate Multi-Threat Security Systems) which I am looking forward to, as we are deploying a pair of Fortigate 621b UTM devices in our data centre in the comming months as our edge devices and I am keen to get some more exposure to the platform.

I did get some time to put all my lab equipment into a nice half height rack that I finally dragged into the house from the garage, I bought a Cisco WS-C3550-24 switch off ebay as a Christmas present to myself too.  Below is a picture of the equipment I have so far:


From the top we’ve got:

  • 2 x 1721’s
  • PIX 501
  • 3550 SMI (running the IP Services Image)
  • 2691
  • 837
  • C2950
  • 2912
  • 2610 (non XM)
  • Old XW Workstation running ESXi5

I’m currently waiting for 2x64mb memory modules to arrive so I can upgrade the 1721’s to 128mb.  The PIX was rescued from the bin and I have no imediate plans for that, the 3550 is runing the IP Service Image so it can do layer 3 routing, the 2691 has an IP Voice image on it, because it was running that when I found it (I belive that this supports MPLS too).

When I buy lab equipment I have been trying to get devices that I can reuse in the CCNP or with another certification, I have been lucky and some of this I have been able to pickup off customer sites as they have upgraded.

I was doing some research and it looks like the 837 was a bit of a find as it seems to support most routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and MPLS feel free to correct me if I am wrong), where as the 2610 is the non XM version and doesnt seem will be of much use should I continue to CCNP, I did try for a couple of hours to get the device to boot the IP Services image via TFTP into ram, but was unsuccessful.  This says a lot for the 857w, I’m currenlty using for my internet router, as they can only do RIPv1/2 and cant even do netflow! Yes I am a little bit bitter, I should have got the 877w, at least now I know the differences between the two!

Ok I’ve offically spent enough time looking at nerd pr0n on ebay (second hand routers and switches) over the Christmas/New Years break and now I need to get back to the ICND2 study, I would Ideally like to have this knocked over before April so its time to roll the sleeves up and get back into it!

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