CCNP ROUTE v1 GNS3 Topologies

Recently I finished all the reading for CCNP ROUTE exam, I still have some handwritten notes to finish off then I will be getting into some more labbing running up to my exam date.

As I did with the SWITCH exam I am using the Cisco net academy student lab manual for the labs.  You can buy the print copy from Amazon/Pearson Vue or you can download the PDF from the Cisco learning network here.

In an effort to speed up the lab study, rather than build the lab topology in GNS3 every time, I have pre configured the topologies for all the labs in the SLM.  So once I finish the lab I can quickly start again with a fresh unconfigured topology.

This took me a while to put together so I thought I would post this here in case other might find it useful.  Some of the later labs have some nice backgrounds and pictures etc unlike the earlier ones, this is because I became much better with GNS as I went.  However the purpose here was to create an efficient study resource so not all labs have this.

All topologies use the 7200 series router only, this just makes it easier to add interfaces of difference types (serial, gige/fastethernet etc) and it was the image I found that worked the best for me as well as being the most stable.  Keep in mind these topologies are for the CCNP ROUTE v1 exam.

Hope this helps!


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