Wireless adapter missing when dual booting Windows 10 and ubuntu 22.04

I dual boot Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 10 on my desktop machine which is using the onboard wireless provided by my ASUS B550-E motherboard. I noticed that sometimes when I booted into Ubuntu the wireless adapter was reported missing by the operating system.

I found that this only happens if I reboot into Ubuntu after first using Windows 10. Digging deeper I found an explanation of the issue on the kernel.org wiki

The issue is due to Windows not completely shutting down the machines hardware on a reboot, this is to try and make the subsequent startup time quicker. The fix (at least in my case) is to disable fast startup (detailed steps here) in Windows power options, it seems that Windows will then properly ‘shut down’ the hardware and allows the wireless module to be loaded correctly when ubuntu starts up.