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Junos – Using vSRX as a lab router in Virtualbox

I have been attempting to work through the kindle book, Day One: MPLS for enterprise engineers by Darren O’Connor to get some more experience with mpls and Junos. I went ahead and setup some vSRX VMs on my lab server and had a mess around, which was cool, however I have a long commute and so I thought it would be a nice to set these up in virtualbox on my macbook pro.

The first attempt was not successful as there are a few setting that need to be changed after creating the VMs, but then I happened across a tweet (I’m sorry I don’t remember who it was) for a link to a Juniper Learning byte on youtube showing how to install and configure vSRX in virtualbox.

Creating a Junos sandbox with vsrx and virtualbox

This was great, but I found as I started to lab up the examples from the Day One guide, I was running into all sorts of weird issues that turned out to be caused by the firewall filter on the vSRX (it is a firewall after all!). I spent a lot of time researching how to get lots of protocols up and working as expected without adding a million firewall rules eg: ping/ssh/traceroute, ldp, ospf etc which in turn was taking time away from working through the day one guide.

Then I stumbled across this link on the Juniper Forums.

If you run the following commands from the top of your config and then reboot the device, you will set the vSRX into packet mode which basically turns off all the firewalling and makes the box act just like a router:

delete security
set security forwarding-options family mpls mode packet-based
set security forwarding-options family iso mode packet-based
set security forwarding-options family inet6 mode packet-based

I am not sure if this introduce any other oddities but now I can correctly see the ldp and mpls tables so i think I have found the solution here. I thought I would post this as it took much longer than expected to sort this issue out.